Listen to the song, sung by Jim Betts


“Northern River”
from Colours In The Storm

Standing in the shadows,
Looking toward the light
Wondering where the river goes.

Hovering on the water
Trees and sky unite
Flowing where the river flows.

Northern River
Can we ever know
Where these Northern Rivers Go?

Pine wood arms to hold me
Dark and cool and still
I’m frightened how the river burns.

Wind sweeps up behind me
Rustling down the hill
Drawn to where the river turns.

Northern River
Can we learn to read
Where these Northern Rivers Lead?

Were I to step out of the trees
And dare the river
My face would ripple in the water
Open to the skies
And I would float
Like a seed in the wind
The colours on the river
The colours in my eyes.

Northern River
Dare we ever know
Where these Northern Rivers Go?
Northern River
Changing greys and blue
Northern River
Take me with you.