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Little Women

(Based On The Novel by Louisa May Alcott)
Music & Lyrics by Jim Betts
Book by Nancy Early

Debuted by Theatre Orangeville, 2001
Carousel Theatre, BC, 2003
Persephone Theatre, SK, 2009
Theatre Orangeville, 2019


The Story 

The story takes place over a one-year period, from Christmas to Christmas, and is set in New England during the time of  the American Civil War.

It tells the timeless tale of  the four unforgettable March sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. With their father  at war and their mother left to raise the family on her own, their struggles for survival teach an invaluable lesson to each girl. Touched by joy and adversity, and all that conspires to tear the Marches apart, these “little women” discover what great love and courage can be found in the bonds of sisterhood and priceless gift of family.

The Characters
9 Roles (6F/3M)

Mother to MEG, JO, BETH and AMY. A compassionate, strong woman who cares deeply about her children and her community. With her husband away serving in the Civil War, and with her family struggling with poverty, she must use every ounce of her strength to live day to day.

MEG (18)
The eldest March daughter, struggling to fit into Concord Society despite her family’s poverty. She longs for nice dresses, clean gloves and the admiration of SALLIE.

JO (17)
A passionate, determined, strong-willed “tom-boy”. Her family means everything to her, and she intends to use every talent she has to keep her family together. She longs to be a writer.

BETH (15)
The “heart” of the family. She says little, but her actions speak volumes. She is timid, but that shyness only masks an inner strength. She doesn’t ask much, but if only she could play that wonderful piano at the Laurence’s next door…

AMY (13)
She wants everything, and she’d prefer to have it all right now. Unsatisfied with being the baby of the family, she wants every experience and privilege her sisters have, and a few more as well. A firecracker of a little woman.

The matriarch of the family. Widowed, wealthy and willing to try anything to maintain her influence over MARMEE and her girls.

The boy next door. He and JO become best friends, and help each other remain committed to their dreams.

LAURIE’s tutor. Slightly shy, slightly awkward, completely entranced with MEG.

LAURIE’s grandfather and guardian, determined to make LAURIE forget his own dreams and join the family business. His gruff, opinionated exterior hides the inevitable heart of gold.

Hear Some Of The Songs

#2 "Those Women Next Door" (Laurie, Brooke, Mr, Lawrence)
Sung by Michael Therriault, Jeff Lacny, & Jim Betts
Piano - Bob Ashley; Bass - Bob Hewus

#3 "Little Women" (Marmee)
Sung by Julain Molnar
Piano - Bob Ashley; Bass - Bob Hewus

#4 "The March March" (Jo, Laurie, The Company)
Sung by Tracy Michailidis, Michael Therriault & Company
Piano - Bob Ashley; Bass - Bob Hewus

#5 "We Can't Forget To Dream" (Jo, Laurie)
Sung by Tracy Michailidis, Michael Therriault
Piano - Bob Ashley; Bass - Bob Hewus

#6 "Only A Woman" (Marmee)
Sung by Julain Molnar
Piano - Bob Ashley; Bass - Bob Hewus

#7 "I'll Come Home" (Beth)
Sung by Courtenay Betts
Piano - Bob Ashley; Bass - Bob Hewus

#8 "Seasons" (Marmee)
Sung by Julain Molnar
Piano - Bob Ashley; Bass - Bob Hewus

#9 "Song For Beth" (Jo)
Sung by Tracy Michailidis
Piano - Bob Ashley

#10 "One More Year" (Marmee)
Sung by Julain Molnar
Piano - Bob Ashley; Bass - Bob Hewus

The Songs

“This Family” (MEG, JO, BETH, AMY)
“Operatic Tragedy” (MEG, JO, BETH, AMY)
“Those Women Next Door” (LAURIE, MR. BROOKE, MR. LAWRENCE)
“Parts Of Me” (JO)
“Little Women” (MARMEE)
“Ready To Go” (MEG)
“The March March” (JO, LAURIE, COMPANY)
“We Can’t Forget To Dream” (JO, LAURIE)
“One Little Step” (BETH)
“The Concord Society Ball” (AUNT MATCH)
“Only A Woman” (MARMEE)
“Nothing Less” (AMY)
“Nothing More” (MEG, MR. BROOKE)
“I’ll Come Home” (BETH)
“Listen, Hear” (LAURIE)
“Beth’s Song” (JO)
“One More Year” (MARMEE, COMPANY)

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