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How You
Can Become A Part Of
Dancer 2023

Are you daring enough to back a longshot?
Would you saddle up for the Ride of your Life?
And – at the risk of further angering the Pun Gods – are you willing to place your Betts?

Because if so – Oh What A Ride! it will be!!

This is what you can do:

  • Become a full Stakeholder in Dancer by “ponying” up for a full ride.
    (This invitation is for friends and family only, if interested contact one of the team below];
  • Hedge your bets a bit by joining our GoFundMe “syndicate”
    [Click here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-get-dancer-to-the-2023-toronto-fringe];
  • Offer up a room, an apartment or a house for some of our out-of-town artists (from approximately June 12 to July 17);
  • Participate in our Silent Auction – donate or bid! (details to be announced soon);
  • Put an ad in our house program (details to be announced soon);
  • Buy a bunch of tickets and bring all your friends (Tickets go on sale to the Public June 14, but we may be able to accommodate a group sale earlier – it’s who you know!);
  • Offer up a few volunteer hours to help out with things like poster distribution, errand running, or load-in and load-out on our show days (at the Fringe they give us about 15 minutes to get in and out!); or
  • Just come see the show then tell your friends and neighbours about us afterwards.

For More Information,
Feel Free To Contact One Of The Producers Below:

Jim Betts & Kate Barris (Executive Producers)
[jimbetts@northernriver.com, (416) 529-5910
katesword192@gmail.com, (416) 712-0241]

Sam Rosenthal (Co-Producer)
[sam.rosenthal@sympatico.ca, (416) 518-8128]

Briane Nasimok (Co-Producer)
[thenaz3011@gmail.com, (416) 606-1764]

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